You belong here.  And you belong in a Crew! What are Crews? Crews are small groups of people that gather throughout the week to connect. What do Crews do? Each Crew is ran a little differently, some are study based, some are hobby based, some are Fellowship driven. Each Crew will have prayer & discussion. This Sunday May 5th will be ‘Crew Sunday’ where you can sign up for the Crew that you want to participate in and belong to. Each person this season is getting a button because we want you to know that you BELONG!


Real Stories of Rebuilt Lives of Oakley

This year has been a very exciting year with our book launch! As they are being mailed out ever month to Oakley residents keep an eye out, one may land in your mailbox! Our mission is to bring hope, and we are encouraged by the impact that these books have had, by real people opening up and sharing their stories.